Piano Concerto (15")
Flute Concerto (chamber orchestra, 24")
Oboe Concerto (18")
Saint Francis Symphony (Symphony No. 1, 45")
Symphony No. 2 (30")
Violin Concerto (28")
Horn Concerto (22")
Evocation and Remembrance (9")
Quantum Flight (5")
And Still The Snowflakes Fall (ballet, 30")
Concerto For Strings (string orchestra, 25")
Sinfonietta (string orchestra, 26")
All American Fanfare (brass, perc., 3")


The Scarlet Letter (5 principals, women's chorus, chamber orchestra, 2:30")


Joy To The World (SATB a cappella, 2", original setting of the Isaac Watts text)   
The Lord Is My Shepherd. (SATB, organ, 6")
Because I Could Not Stop For Death (Text by Emily Dickinson. SATB, string quartet, 10")
Compostela (SATB, soloists, orchestra, 30")
Antiphons of the Angels (SSA, flute, harp, 26")
Saint Thomas Service (Magnificat and Nunc dimittis for SSA, organ)
Requiem For The Unknown (SSAATTBB, oboe doubling on eng. hn.,violoncello,32")
Mass (Latin, SATB a cappella, 30")
The Lord Is King (SATB, organ, 4")
The Fall Of Man (SATB a cappella, Advent carol, 3")
At Each Beat Of My Heart (SATB a cappella, 3")
Preces, Responses, and The Lord's Prayer (SATB a cappella)
Christ Is Risen From The Dead! (SATB, organ, 4")
You Are The Light Of The World (SATB, organ, 5")
Take My Life, And Let It Be (SATB a cappella, 4")
At The Round Earth's Imagined Corners (tenor, horn, strings, timp., 24")
Songs Of Innocence (SSA and chamber orchestra, 25")
Psalm 100 (SATB, organ, and brass, 3")
I Waited For The Lord (SATB, organ, 3")
I Was Glad (SATB, organ, 3")
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes (SATB, organ, 4")
Rhymes For Soprano And Piano (15")
Six Songs For Baritone And Piano (17")
Wer bin ich (SATB, a cappella, text by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 10")
May The Angels Lead You (SATB, organ, 3")


Sonata For Violoncello and Piano (20")
Sonata For Violin and Piano (30")
Sonata For Horn and Piano (18")
Sonata For Flute and Piano (15")
Sonata For Oboe and Piano (14")
Sonata For Clarinet and Piano (16")
Sonata For Bassoon and Piano (12")
String Quartet No. 1 (20")
String Quartet No. 2 (30")
String Quartet No. 3 (18")
String Quartet No. 4 (24")
Sojourner Suite (oboe, horn, bassoon, 15")
Sonorities (flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano, 22")
Concert Piece (flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano, 10")
Duo For Cello And Bass (12")
Dreams Go Wandering Still (violoncello and piano, 5")


Piano Sonata (18")
Inventions (piano, 19")
Fantasy on the Name BACH (5")
Three Preludes For Piano (8")


Sonata For Violoncello and Piano (20")
Unaccompanied Suite No. 1 For Violoncello (16")
Unaccompanied Suite No. 2 For Violoncello (20)
Unaccompanied Suite No. 3 For Violoncello (16")
Unaccompanied Suite No. 4 For Violoncello (17")


Eight Little Preludes and Fugues (30")
Aria (6")
Petit Suite (9")
Alleluias (6")
Fantasia on the Passion Chorale (5")
Light Perpetual (3")


The Komodore Fantasia (guitar, 4")